New Developments in Anarchist Studies

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With papers from the 5th Conference of the North American Anarchist Studies Network {La Red Norteamericana de Estudios Anarquistas / Le Réseau Nord-Américain d'études Anarchistes} 

Anarchism is experiencing a remarkable resurgence in the new millenium. Not only active in the streets across Turtle Island, growing interest in anarchist scholarship is perhaps unprecedented. This is reflected in the development of the North American Anarchist Studies Network (NAASN). Drawn from papers presented at the fifth NAASN conference in Surrey (on Coast Salish Territories), this collection shows the vitality of contemporary anarchist research and writing.

[Compiled & edited by PJ Lilley & Jeff Shantz. 390 pages.  With many contributors, see below... ]

ISBN-13: 978-0988234093 | ISBN-10: 0988234092

Date of first publication: June 13, 2015
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Table of Contents

1 | Anarchism from the Margins: Introducing New Developments in Anarchist Studies

Jeff Shantz

2 | Social Capital In Anarchist Movements

Dana M. Williams

3 | Marginalization of Anarchism within Mainstream Criminology: A Content Analysis

Christopher Howell

4 | Sexuality, Assault, Police Infiltration and Foucault: Notes for Further Inquiry

Dr. Michael Loadenthal

5 | Abolition Journal, Introduction & Manifesto

Introduced by Brian Lovato & Eli Meyerhoff

6 | In Defense of Counterposed Strategic Orientations: Anarchism and Antiracism

Jakub Burkowicz

7 | Anti-State Resistance On Stolen Land: Settler Colonialism, Settler Identity And The Imperative Of Anarchist Decolonization

Adam Gary Lewis

8 | A Diversity of Media Tactics: Grassroots Autonomous Media in Montreal

Sandra Jeppesen, Anna Kruzynski, Aaron Lakoff and Rachel SarrasinCollectif de recherche sur l’autonomie collective (CRAC)

9 | Radical Politics in a Conservative Capital: Anarchist Groups and Projects in Edmonton

Robert Hlatky

10 | The Right to the City Begins on the Street

Dr. Katherine Dunster

11 | Anarchist Surrealism & Canadian Apocalyptic Modernism: Allusive Political Praxis in Elizabeth Smart’s By Grand Central Station I Sat Down And Wept

James Gifford

12 | ¡Mesoamerica Resiste! Excerpts from the companion guide to the graphic narrative

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Appendix 1: NAASN Statement of Purpose

Appendix 2: NAASN5 Call for Papers
(Fall, 2013)

Appendix 3: NAASN5 Full Schedule + Forum on Indigenous Food Sovereignty + Surrey Anarchist Bookfair

Appendix 4: A few words about

Appendix 5: Indigenous Food Sovereignty Forum

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